Let’s not beat about the bush – blogs can be a slog. A blog is great to have because it’s an excellent tool for drawing visitors to your site. But if you’re running a business, how do you find time to write it?

The answer is: you don’t. We do it for you. As with the rest of your website content, we will (a) research your sector to get a feel for the issues of the day; (b) ask you about what you want to say; and (c) write using a ‘tone of voice’ that reflects you.

Some or all of the content for your website may already have been written, but maybe you’d like us to cast an expert eye over it and rewrite it or do a ‘light touch refresh’?

This could be the ideal option for you if your website is just being developed and you already have the content, or if it’s been up and running for a while but has content that needs reworking.

You’ve got all your website content and you like the way it reads. But is it 100% accurate in terms of spelling, grammar, punctuation and consistency? You could lose potential customers/clients if they spot any errors.

It doesn’t seem fair, but there are people out there who may think that if you can’t get your spelling right, you won’t get your services or products right either. And if the style of writing varies throughout your site (in either tone of voice or in seemingly little ways, such as job titles starting with capital letters on one page but with lower case letters on another) people can lose confidence in the professionalism of your company. Our expert writers will bring their in-depth knowledge of spelling, grammar and punctuation and their obsessive attention to detail to give your content that final, crucial proof-read. They’ll also double-check that any ‘click-able’ links do actually work and they’ll Google any ‘proper’ names (of individuals, places and organisations).

No need to worry if your website has blank pages or just a few photos. We’ll work with you to understand your business – what you sell, what your services are, what makes you special.

We’ll research your sector. And we’ll also make sure we learn something about you. The ‘tone of voice’ of content is crucial. You are your brand and the content we create has to sound like it’s you saying it. So we won’t impose our writing style(s) on you – we’ll make sure that your brand/personality is reflected in the tone of voice (light-hearted, chatty, formal, serious) we use when producing content for your website.

You may be pretty happy with your existing content, but regular updates (with the emphasis on SEO) will help your site be found more easily.

In particular, if you are about to launch a new product or offer an extra service, we can write about those for you in an engaging, professional way. Or there may be issues/news in your industry or sector that you’d like to share your opinions on.