We are delighted to have made some great improvements to the website of local artist Michelle Parsons who lives in Billericay. The website is built on a WordPress platform using a premium themed template. The theme used has a lovely clean look which really fits in and compliments the business run by Michelle called easelandcanvas. Some of the key features of the website include flexibility on postal delivery rates across the world based upon the product type; automatic compressing of photos and images uploaded to ensure optimum load speed on all devices; integration of a WorldPay payment gateway to give a client a checkout through either this or PayPal; eCommerce capabilities to sell a range of products and the set up of a blog layout to make it easy to pick out subjects of interest.

I have got to know Michelle well over the last few years working alongside her on this website and her previous website and am always fascinated at the paintings Michelle does and how engaging they look. I see the work in progress and how the paintings are started and then slowly form the finished article. They always look amazing and the vibrant colours of the fish are wonderful. The latest one I saw was 3 sardines and another addition to the portfolio. You should take a look at the website and view some of the fabulous paintings.