Here are some compelling facts about Search engine optimization (SEO) that will unravel the current status of where SEO is right now.

According to Internet live stats who has a live counter set to 1 second, at the time of writing this blog Google received 68,231 searches within a single second. Net market share also reveals that in June 2018, in a tally of all search engines, Google came out on top with 73% of all searches. This shows just how main stream Google has been since launching in 1997. Plus the grand scale of SEO as a whole.

Noticeably, smart phones, tablets and cloud based smart speakers are used more often than desktops for online searches. With 20% of all searches done through voice commands, found out in SEO trends report by Mobidea. This is a clear sign of SEO evolving with technology as it is convenient to search through a device. Which means in order to stay on top of SEO, businesses will have to consider keywords to tailor toward not only these devices, but voice based searches as well.

For even more statistics on SEO and related areas see Hubspot’s ultimate list of marketing statistics for 2018.


In conclusion, the largest search engine is to no surprise Google as presented in the research. Additionally, the best methods for SEO are always changing as seen with device voice commands becoming more popular.