improve HR

As a business owner there is only so much time you have to allocate to the various areas of your business that need attention. Accounts, Sales, Marketing, Administration, Operations, HR and Finance are probably the main areas. Do you divide your time between these, do you just work on ones that require immediate attention or do you allocate times in the week to work on certain things. Whatever plans you have in place can quickly change anyhow, so its a constant battle to keep on top of things.

When I was at a recent Networking meeting (Round Robin Networking) in Brentwood I met Aimee Cassidy of Improve HR and arranged a follow up meeting with Aimee. Networking is all about following up introductions to other business people with 1 to 1 meetings. Anyhow, it was clear from the 1 to 1 meeting that Improve HR could offer more than just standard HR advice and that work-force planning, staff retention and HR aligned to business strategy were areas to think about as a business owner.

Since the initial meeting I have contracted Improve HR to work with us to bring HR and other expertise to our party. This is something that I now no longer have to keep a close eye on and we soon hope to be using on online system to record all our staff data. Aimee will be overseeing this for us and it will make sure our data is secure and controlled much more effectively.

If you want to find out how Improve HR could help you as a business owner then be sure to contact Aimee on 07970 280588