Billericay Professionals: Networking at Pasha

On Friday, Pasha hosted a Billericay Professionals networking event. There was a lovely, buzzing atmosphere in the room as representatives from lots of different companies chatted to each other about their work and shared contacts from their own networking circles.

Both Pasha and Billericay Professionals have been great clients of ours for a while now, and Olivia and I really enjoyed this event.

There was a lovely buffet and a wide selection of drinks. We took this opportunity to network with several different people, including a few that were in the same field of work as ourselves. Amy Hudson, from Clear Thinking IT was one of these people, and it was really lovely to be able to talk to her and notice some of the similarities as well as differences between our work despite working in the same field and geographical area.

Another person that was really lovely to talk to was James Gilbert from FCI Limited. Their company offers a foreign exchange service and is also very local, based in Billericay high street. It was a great way for us to exchange contacts and discover potential new clients for both of us.

BWS set up their own networking group in 2016 (Round Robin Networking) and love getting involved with the community, attending as many networking meetings as we can. Hope to see you at an event soon!