Young Enterprise Company Programme

Recently, Billericay Web Services have been helping some students out at The Appleton School with the Young Enterprise Company Programme.

This programme is renowned as “the ultimate teenage enterprise challenge”. Students have to create a fully functioning website that allows them to sell real products, taking into account business plans, how they will create their products and/or services, as well as actually creating and maintaining their site.

We have been visiting the students and giving guidance and support in using WordPress and ecommerce functionality, which is done through the Young Enterprise Marketplace. This has been a great experience for us at Billericay Web Services as we strive to always involve ourselves in community projects. As well as being a great experience for us, it has been wonderful watching the students blossom and really get to grips with the basics of web development.

Good luck to all of our Appleton student companies competing in the programme!

You can view their sites here: